Hello Freeplay Independent Games Festival Visitors!

Today, I did a talk at the Freeplay Independent Games Festival in Melbourne about DS homebrew development. It was an introduction to various topics, and I think it went down well. If you were there and have come to my website - Hello! Thanks for attending my talk and also coming here. You probably want links, eh? Here you go:

I won't bother to put up my presentation notes as I don't think it was note-worthy, but if someone wants them, leave a comment.

Update: Here is my presentation in PDF format (via Rapidshare)

8 Response to "Hello Freeplay Independent Games Festival Visitors!"

  1. Anonymous says:


    Me wantz!

    Pulizzz can I has notez? thankz!

    Drew says:

    Thanks for the homebrew primer! :) And again for the list of links on your site.

    Anonymous says:

    Hey there... What set-up are you using? I'm trying to get Express 2008 working with PAlib and DevKitPro with little to no success. All the documentation I can find online just confuses the matter more and more... :( I've got PAlib templates showing up in Express, but don't seem to have the right headers in the right place, etc. Any hints/advice would be gladly accepted. :)

    Devinquest says:


    I use Programmer's Notepad, which gets installed with devkit/palib, so I can't help you with Express 2008. I know that your environment settings need to be changed in XP. Go to control panel->system->advanced->environment variables and make sure that the following is set:
    PAPATH = /c/devkitPro/PAlib/lib
    DEVKITARM = /c/devkitPro/devkitARM
    DEVKITPRO = /c/devkitPro
    DKP_HOME = c:\devkitpro
    and add Path = c:\devkitPro\msys\bin

    Hope that helps.

    KillScreen says:


    Sorry for the anon.

    I thought I'd dive into a bit of homebrew after catching your talk. So far, though, it's just been headache after headache of trying to get all the bits to talk to each other. VC++ Express will open PAlib templates but continually comes up with errors when I try to build. (Thanks for the variables, they got past one lot of errors only for another lot to come up now). Programmer's Notepad will make/compile any of its own examples, but cracks it regarding any I try from the PAlib tutes (from the wiki). And then there was No$GBA which I've now ditched in favour of DeSmuME. Laughably, there's plenty of how-to regarding PAlib on the wiki, but I can't find anything on using DevkitPro's libnds. Talk about super frustrating...

    On another note: I just picked up a SuperCard DS One with an 8 gig MicroSD, so now I can load up your brews. :)

    Devinquest says:


    Yeah, sorry to hear about all that. As I said, I don't use VC++ Express 2008 so I have no idea how to help you with that part of the problem. But at least Programmer's Notepad works and you can compile the examples. Sure, it's not as pretty as Express, but it works :)

    - M:O

    KillScreen says:

    Yep. Waded my way through and ended up using PN. The vid at drunkencoders.com really helped me understand that I had to copy the whole folder structure to make it work. Sadly, though, the help there was all directed to using Libnds, not PAlib, and the PAlib wiki seems to be jumpy in terms of content. I'm really stunned at how little there is out there in terms of primers.

    Played a bunch of your games over the last few days. Some really great stuff, especially Snatcher, GTC and SBJT. Couldn't get Fate or Question to work, but haven't yet messed with any settings or read through the docs yet.

    Out of interest, what was the first game you made that was Homebrew?

    Devinquest says:


    Yeah, not many palib tutorials out there. My method was to give it a couple of days and if I couldn't figure it out I would quit. Obviously I worked it out :)

    The first DS homebrew game was Fate/stay Night. My actual first homebrew was a rather poor side-scrolling shooter on PC using The Games Factory about 10 years ago.

    - M:O

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