Japanese Hiragana & Katakana Review

Japanese Hiragana & Katakana Review is a kana character review tool aimed at upper-beginner and intermediate Japanese students. The application allows the user to review their ability to recognize each of the 46 hiragana or katakana characters from visual and audio cues. Performance is ranked by speed, mistakes made and review difficulty. The application will also highlight the user's weakest kana characters for further study. Features include voice samples from native Japanese speakers, Rumble Pak and DS Motion support. Cute bonus: the application will greet you appropriately depending on the time of day!

An entry into the Neoflash Summer Coding Competition 2009 - UPDATE: Placed 1st!

Read the readme.txt for more information.

Requires a DS (obviously) and a flash cart, such as an R4 or R6 Gold; or an emulator such as No$GBA. Rumble feature requires a Rumble Pak. Motion feature requires a DS Motion cart or an R6 Gold, which has motion support built-in.

Download: Ver 20090813 - jkr_ds.zip (1.5MB)

Featured at: DCEmu.co.uk, DS-Scene, Nintendomax, ModControl, Homebrew DS, GBArl.it, LAHAR, GBAtemp, DSi-Homebrew,


1 Response to "Japanese Hiragana & Katakana Review"

  1. Learning Hiragana and Katakana is pretty easy if you do a little bit of practice everyday.

    The trick is to slowly incorporate a little bit of kanji as you progress.

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