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The King of Game Trivia

The King of Game Trivia is the novelization of Game Trivia Catechism.

Al doesn't know why his cousin Sally would pay for his trip home, but he readily accepts. Little does he know though that she's secretly entered him into the King of Game Trivia Tournament and expects him to score the ten-thousand dollar grand prize. Unprepared for competition, can Al do what it takes to win while keeping sane of Sally's demands at the same time?

THE KING OF GAME TRIVIA is a story by a gamer for gamers. Stuffed with so many references to the world of video games, you'll be lost and confused if you don't know your Nintendo from your Sega. And with actual trivia questions peppered throughout, even hardcore players will be tested and entertained by this fun-filled and unique journey into gaming culture.
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What is it?
A journey in space - a test of survival. Catch stars to increase the jackpot, but don't forget to claim it! Avoid the meteors; they're deadly unless you Colour Shift. Same colour ship and meteor = OK! Mismatched colours = GAME OVER! Go for the high score!

Describe it in one sentence
It's the non-stop pace of Temple Run mixed with the polarity action of Ikaruga topped off with the risk and reward of a slot machine!

An entry into the NEO Summer Retro Coding Contest 2012.

- Rumble Pak support

A Nintendo DS/Lite/DSi/DSi XL and a flash cart. Tested on Acekard 2i. Runs in No$GBA/desmume fine. I make no guarantee that the game will work for you, your hardware or software.

D-Pad - Movement
A - Colour Shift
B - Claim Jackpot

Additional art by
Guyome41 (http://OpenGameArt.Org/users/Guyome41)
Cuzco (http://OpenGameArt.Org/users/Cuzco)
bart (http://OpenGameArt.Org/users/bart)
surt (http://OpenGameArt.Org/users/surt)
Music - "Kicks" by Sycamore Drive (

Download (2.6MB)

U.S.A Naturalization Civics Test Wins 2nd Place

I am pleased to announce that my latest homebrew release U.S.A. Naturalization Civics Test for DS came second in the App category of this year's Neo Retro Competition! The rest of the results are here. Thanks to the reviewers, everyone who has downloaded the app and given it a go, and most importantly the Neoflash team for running the competition.

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