H.Shooter Parade Screensaver

I whipped up this quick (perhaps cheap and nasty) screen saver featuring a bunch of ships from horizontal shoot'em ups (or shmups, a term I don't really like). They fly across the starfield calmly, as if waiting for you to insert some coins to begin their suicide mission against the enemy armada...

It was made in Flash and runs on XP/Vista, and probably other flavours of Windows. Read the readme.txt for more info and a list of the games I stole from.

Download: Ver 20080201 - h_shooter_parade_screensaver.zip (616KB)

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Update (20080218): I've changed the download link to Rapidshare due to running out of bandwidth. Please link to this page only in case I need to upload it again.

Update (20110809): It's back! Get it at Multiupload

Transformers Jump!

A physics and highlight reel from Transformers (Atari, PS2).

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Pip'n Xbox

I took an old Apple/Bandai Pippin promo video and replaced every reference from Apple to Microsoft. Now it's an Xbox promo video.

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If Thunderbird and Nintendogs had a love child, this would be it. PostPet is a graphical email program where emails are received and delivered by a virtual pet that you take care of. If your friend also has PostPet, their pet will come to your virtual house and deliver the email, and then interact with your pet. Forget to take care of your pet, and it'll get angry, and may even refuse to deliver your emails!

Website (Japanese): http://www.postpet.so-net.ne.jp/
Website (English, discontinued): http://www.postpet.so-net.ne.jp/en/
Design article: http://www.lisahazen.com/samples/postpet.html

CFC Style April 1997

"Capcom Friendly Club" was Capcom's official fan club which, with annual membership fees, provided members with priority news of upcoming games in form of videos and newsletters/fan-books. "Capcom Friendly Club" had begun in April of 1996, and 12 volumes of newsletters and 12 volumes of promotion video have been released until its discontinuation. The club was discontinued in 2003. (Summary from Google's cache of www.mmcafe.com)

This video is a full capture of the April 1997 edition of "CFC Style" and features short interviews with Shinji Mikami, Keiji Inafune, Yoshiki Okamoto and others; and trailers for Breath of Fire II, Rockman X 4, Bio Hazard 2, and more.

Length: 40 Minutes
Language: Japanese

The Most Powerful Person in the World

A love letter to video games.

"I guess when games can have memorable collages like this, we know we're getting somewhere with the artform, hm?" - Gamesetwatch

"...something you might see at a high end art museum show on the medium of gaming. Great stuff" - Kotaku

"...the perfect example of why we all love video games so much... It's a very serene piece that is definitely worth your time." - Destructoid

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Archive.org page with high quality MPEG2 version

Welcome to Multiple:Option

I wanted to separate my video game-related posts and stuff from my other blog to organize myself. So welcome to Multiple:Option!

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