H.Shooter Parade Screensaver

I whipped up this quick (perhaps cheap and nasty) screen saver featuring a bunch of ships from horizontal shoot'em ups (or shmups, a term I don't really like). They fly across the starfield calmly, as if waiting for you to insert some coins to begin their suicide mission against the enemy armada...

It was made in Flash and runs on XP/Vista, and probably other flavours of Windows. Read the readme.txt for more info and a list of the games I stole from.

Download: Ver 20080201 - h_shooter_parade_screensaver.zip (616KB)

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Update (20080218): I've changed the download link to Rapidshare due to running out of bandwidth. Please link to this page only in case I need to upload it again.

Update (20110809): It's back! Get it at Multiupload

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