Tekken Uniqlo T-Shirt

Me wearing one of the two Tekken t-shirts from Uniqlo's Japan Game collection. I like this one because it's rather understated. You wouldn't know it was a video game shirt unless you were told otherwise - which makes you less geeky with the girls.


Pachislot Hokuto no Ken Special Edition (PS2)

This is the special edition version of Pachislot Hokuto no Ken Special Edition for PS2, released only in Japan. The SE comes packaged in a record-style book case, a bonus DVD containing a playthrough of the game, and a book featuring artwork and notes. Why a slot machine game needs a special edition is beyond me, but since I picked it up for 100 yen ($1), my curiosity has been satisfied.


My DS Homebrew Featured in Japanese Magazine

Game Melody Oratorio and The Blackjack of Haruhi Suzumiya are featured in Nintendo DSi Kaiteki Ura Manual, a Japanese book/magazine ("mook") about flash carts, homebrew and related items for the DSi. Nice to see that I'm good enough to print! 


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