Pippin Video Blowout! Part 3 & Final Thoughts

The last of my Pippin videos, today we'll have a look at the CDs that came with the system itself. These aren't particularly interesting (as pack-in discs usually go), but they are worth posting.

The first video is of the PEASE disc. It has a bunch of Mac games and utilities. It's a Mac disc through and through, loading you straight into the MacOS GUI (complete with the Mac boot jigsaw icons, if you know what I'm referring to?) The games are mostly clones (Tetris, Space Invaders) but there are a few original Mac games (shareware, weirdly enough). If you weren't holding the controller, you'd swear you were just looking at an ordinary Mac.

My last video is of the Pippin Title CD-ROM Catalog Vol. 1, which is self-explanatory. Going through the catalog, you'll note that most Pippin titles are edutainment, reflecting its Mac background. Nothing really surprising in terms of games, but it's interesting to see the number of announced titles - far more than I've ever expected or seen (in real life or otherwise). I have no idea whether all of these were actually released or not. Sadly no demos were included on the disc.

Final Thoughts
So, should you get yourself a Pippin? No, unless you are a console collector or a Mac collector. For your average gamer, the Pippin offers no stand-out exclusive titles worth playing. The console is heavy, and the controller is awkward. The hardware and software are difficult to track down, and frankly you'll spend a lot of time for little gain. It isn't worth it.

Don't think I'm completely down on the Pippin though. There are two things I quite like about it:

  • Internationalized hardware - Not only is the Pippin 100v-240v power capable, it also outputs NTSC/PAL and VGA with a simple switch on the back on the console. Lovely.
  • Pippin technology licensing - Like the 3DO (though not in reality), the Pippin tech was meant to be licensed to other companies. So we could have had a Sony Pippin, a Sharp Pippin, a Panasonic Pippin, etc. I firmly believe in the tech licensing idea, and hope that one day Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo embrace it whole-heartedly.
And thus ends the tale of the Apple Bandai Pippin Atmark.

Pippin Video Blowout! Part 2

Part 2 of my Pippin Video Blowout! focuses on the games. Not many were made, and most were of so-so quality. If you can imagine (or remember, if you're old enough) games that were made in the 1990's when the word multimedia was the rage, then you'll know exactly what these were like.

The first video is Racing Days for Pippin (Kitt Peak Inc., 1995-1996). A racing game with a poor framerate, one camera view, two race modes, three tracks and five cars. Pretty bad now, and would not have impressed in 1995, considering Ridge Racer on PS1 was available during the same time period. Does allow the player to repaint the car with the in-game texture editor, which is nice; and also has network play.

The second video is Power Rangers Zeo vs. The Machine Empire (Bandai, 1996). A side-scrolling action game with a poor framerate (again). Live-action FMVs introduce each level, with acting on par with that of the Power Rangers TV show. For an action game, controls are woefully imprecise. Attack animations tend to push you back, causing your punch or kick to fall short of the target. Simply frustrating. Yuk.

The last video is of Gundam Tactics ~Mobility Fleet 0079~ (Bandai, 1996). A strategy game based on Gundam, I have completely no idea how to play it. Granted, it's all in Japanese, but there isn't any obvious "attack" or "defend" buttons. I did manage to move my units, and eventually die, so that's something. Nice pre-rendered attack animations. I suspect it might be a good game, but I'll reserve my judgment until such time as I figure out what's going on.

Next in Part 3: System pack-ins!

Pippin Video Blowout! Part 1

A bunch of Pippin videos I captured for prosperity. But before that, you ask, what is an Apple Bandai Pippin Atmark? From Wikipedia: "The Apple Pippin was a multimedia platform marketed by Apple Inc. (then Apple Computer Inc.) in the mid 1990s. It was based around a 66-MHz PowerPC 603 processor, a 14.4 kbit/s modem and ran a stripped version of the System 7.5.2. The goal was to create an inexpensive computer aimed mostly at playing CD-based multimedia titles, especially games, but also functioning as a network computer. It featured a 4× CD-ROM drive and a video output that could connect to a standard television monitor."

It was something like this:
Apple = 3DO Company
Bandai = Panasonic
Pippin Atmark = 3DO FZ-1

The first video is the Pippin's boot sequence. Nothing fancy. It repeats until you insert a CD.

The second video is the Pippin's CD player. Looks a lot like the Sega Saturn's CD player, except without the animating starfield or the spaceship. Static and dull, but gets the job done. Note that the Pippin has standard CD buttons (play, stop, etc.) on the hardware itself, so no need to have the TV on and/or use the controller.

Next in Part 2: Games!

Fate/stay night Trial Edition (Abridged for DS)

My first DS homebrew is an abridged port of the Trial Edition of Fate/stay night, a Japanese visual novel game, as translated into English by insani.

Read the readme.txt for more information.

Requires a DS (obviously) and a flash cart, such as a R4. Works in DeSmuME, except saving.

Download: Removed - See note below

Original game by TYPE-MOON
English demo translation by insani
Buy Fate/stay night at Play-Asia

Featured at DCEmu.co.uk, Byson, NDS Freakz, TehSkeen, PDRoms, Temple Knights, Wii.DS-Scene, TGBus, Otaku.fm, Hobby Blog, Insert Credit

UPDATE (2008/02/16)
: The game has been downloaded almost 1,000 times! Thanks, but now I'm running out of bandwidth! I've moved the game to Rapidshare and changed the link accordingly. If you want to link to the game, please link to this page in case I need to upload it again!

UPDATE (2008/03/26): Re-uploaded the game to Hyperfileshare.

UPDATE (2008/04/27): Uploaded new version (20080427). Saving, D-Pad control, better navigation and updated engine.

UPDATE (2008/05/11): Added "3MB Version," which should provide better compatibility with some flash carts, such as the Neo MK5. If you couldn't get this game to work before, please try the 3MB version.

UPDATE (2008/11/08): This game is no longer available. Please see this post as to why.

Apple Bandai Pippin Atmark Comparison Pics

Haven't seen any new ones lately on the web, so I took a few.

An Xbox and a Pippin side by side, like ebony and ivory.

The white Pippin gently mounts the black Xbox in what can only be described as "digital jungle fever."

Controllers side by side. Note the trackball and the button colors, which have been flipped and reversed.

Mario and Kirby

Mario finds himself in Giant World once again.

Kirby is two pink puyo away from ceasing to exist.

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