Pippin Video Blowout! Part 1

A bunch of Pippin videos I captured for prosperity. But before that, you ask, what is an Apple Bandai Pippin Atmark? From Wikipedia: "The Apple Pippin was a multimedia platform marketed by Apple Inc. (then Apple Computer Inc.) in the mid 1990s. It was based around a 66-MHz PowerPC 603 processor, a 14.4 kbit/s modem and ran a stripped version of the System 7.5.2. The goal was to create an inexpensive computer aimed mostly at playing CD-based multimedia titles, especially games, but also functioning as a network computer. It featured a 4× CD-ROM drive and a video output that could connect to a standard television monitor."

It was something like this:
Apple = 3DO Company
Bandai = Panasonic
Pippin Atmark = 3DO FZ-1

The first video is the Pippin's boot sequence. Nothing fancy. It repeats until you insert a CD.

The second video is the Pippin's CD player. Looks a lot like the Sega Saturn's CD player, except without the animating starfield or the spaceship. Static and dull, but gets the job done. Note that the Pippin has standard CD buttons (play, stop, etc.) on the hardware itself, so no need to have the TV on and/or use the controller.

Next in Part 2: Games!

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