Pippin Video Blowout! Part 2

Part 2 of my Pippin Video Blowout! focuses on the games. Not many were made, and most were of so-so quality. If you can imagine (or remember, if you're old enough) games that were made in the 1990's when the word multimedia was the rage, then you'll know exactly what these were like.

The first video is Racing Days for Pippin (Kitt Peak Inc., 1995-1996). A racing game with a poor framerate, one camera view, two race modes, three tracks and five cars. Pretty bad now, and would not have impressed in 1995, considering Ridge Racer on PS1 was available during the same time period. Does allow the player to repaint the car with the in-game texture editor, which is nice; and also has network play.

The second video is Power Rangers Zeo vs. The Machine Empire (Bandai, 1996). A side-scrolling action game with a poor framerate (again). Live-action FMVs introduce each level, with acting on par with that of the Power Rangers TV show. For an action game, controls are woefully imprecise. Attack animations tend to push you back, causing your punch or kick to fall short of the target. Simply frustrating. Yuk.

The last video is of Gundam Tactics ~Mobility Fleet 0079~ (Bandai, 1996). A strategy game based on Gundam, I have completely no idea how to play it. Granted, it's all in Japanese, but there isn't any obvious "attack" or "defend" buttons. I did manage to move my units, and eventually die, so that's something. Nice pre-rendered attack animations. I suspect it might be a good game, but I'll reserve my judgment until such time as I figure out what's going on.

Next in Part 3: System pack-ins!

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