Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation: The Game _ Cinematic Trailer HD
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I started playing this after having read many negative reviews and comments. I have a soft spot for games with bad reputations (helps that they're cheap to buy most of the time). So far, it doesn't compare to Halo, but it's fairly competent. It has a lovely realtime loading screen of a very realistic close-up of a Terminator head. Too bad the main character doesn't look like Christian Bale.

I'm current stuck in what appears to be a boss fight against 2+1 Terminators. My teammate's making pipe bombs but they don't seem to do much. Neither do my other teammates, who seem to only shoot at the enemy when the enemy is targeting me (which, on second thought, is quite smart of them if self-preservation is their goal). Your teammates are quite effective in normal gameplay though, so let them do the work.

Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection

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I completed all of the achievements for Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection (Sonic's Genesis Ultimate Collection in the US) last night. The last three achievements in the queue were the ones for The Story of Thor, Sonic Spinball and the Play all Mega Drive games one, which involved me loading and quitting each of the 30+ games.

Streets of Rage is still great. Yuzo Koshiro's music hasn't aged at all. I do have to ask why Revenge of Shinobi and Shadow Dancer weren't on the disc, especially since Shinobi III was included. And Decap Attack is not a patch on its Japanese original Magical Flying Hat Turbo Adventure (one of the first MD games I owned).

Also, I wouldn't bother with the widescreen option (which just stretches the picture) and the smoothing option either (the results of which never reach 'better', instead ranging from 'different' to 'shocking'.)

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