An Apology to insani

insani contacted me recently about Fate/stay night Trial Edition (Abridged for DS). They are unhappy with the way that I used their English translation, specifically in regards to the editing that I did. The editing was done for purely technical reasons (in that I could not fit the entire translation onto the DS and thus had to cut some of it out). These edits were in no way a criticism of the quality of the translation and I am sorry for any offense caused.

I have removed the download links to the game, and I ask that any third-party sites that have the game to remove it as well.

Once again, apologies to insani.

UPDATE 2008/12/08 - For those of you still looking for Fate/stay night on DS, please try out VNDS which uses Mirror Moon's English translation of the full game.

3 Response to "An Apology to insani"

  1. Anonymoose says:

    that sux

    Anonymous says:

    Oh. My first thought was also that it was only for technical reasons. What with it saying "Abridged for DS". Does kindda hint that it's abridged because it's on the DS.
    Ah well =/

    Gilgamesh says:

    It's still up on rapidshare somewhere, forgot link.
    Also, either this or VNDS version works on an R4 cart (2 GB) with moonshell (or moonshl as it is called) ?

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