Sexy Blackjack Trainer II featuring Maria Ozawa

Sexy Blackjack Trainer II featuring Maria Ozawa is a card game that teaches blackjack basic strategy and card counting. Play blackjack, win points, and unlock sexy pictures! New features include HI-LO card counting, option to gamble your winnings (double-up), and an item shop that increases your chances to win big!

This game contains adult material and is not appropriate for minors.

Read the readme.txt for more information.

Requires a DS (obviously) and a flash cart, such as a R4 or Neo MK5. If using an emulator, I recommend No$GBA.

Download: Ver 20081019 - (4MB)
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This game is not approved or endorsed by Maria Ozawa

Featured at: GBATemp, DS-Scene, NDS Freakz, PDRoms,, Player Advance,, Modcontrol,


8 Response to "Sexy Blackjack Trainer II featuring Maria Ozawa"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Small bug that works out better for the player. When you use the "Sum Total" item, it only subtracts 4 instead of 6. It still takes 6 to enable it for purchase, though.
    -- M

    Anonymous says:


    Thanks for the bug report. My bad :)

    - M:O

    Anonymous says:

    Make more, pls XD
    I've already got ~1250 winnings^^

    Anonymous says:

    Pretty lady. She also dances sometimes in Shinjuku clubs

    Anonymous says:

    could you update the old ones to have this ones features? that would rock.

    Anonymous says:

    Apparently she did a showgirl gig in Macau too. Expanding her repertoire of talents?

    Anonymous says:

    Maria has now written a book

    Anonymous says:

    Maria has given an English interview on TV!

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