UZA: The First Journey

UZA: The First Journey is an arcade action game similar to Robotron/Geometry Wars. Guide UZA through fifty rounds of frenetic action, where wave upon wave of relentless enemies test your speed, accuracy and coordination. Watch as your gameplay performance creates a piece of real-time abstract art. With only one life, how long can you survive, how much can you score, and what will your actions look like?

Read the readme.txt for more information.

Requires a DS (obviously) and a flash cart, such as a R4 or Neo MK5. If using an emulator, I recommend No$GBA.

Download: Ver 20081008 - (3MB)

Music by Dark and Martyr

Featured at:, GBAtemp, NDS Freakz,,, Nintendomax, TehSkeen, DS-Scene,, PDRoms, GameSetWatch, auntie pixelante

UPDATE 2008/12/09 - UZA: The First Journey is an official entry into the 2009 Independent Games Festival Mobile competition: Official Site, GamesOnDeck, Gamasutra, Tiny Cartridge


Gameplay video:

2 Response to "UZA: The First Journey"

  1. Hey Friend,

    its DarkandMartyr here. well chuffed ur using my song in ur game man. my lil bro jus got a DS cartridge thing so hes played it and stuff he thinks its really good game man not had the pleasure myself yet.

    much respect


    Anonymous says:


    Thanks for the tune and leaving a comment!

    - M:O

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