Nintendo Adventure Books: Monster Mix-Up DS

Nintendo Adventure Books: Monster Mix-Up DS is a digital version of the gamebook of the same name written by Bill McCoy and published by Archway Paperbacks in 1991. It is best described by the book's introduction:

"Dear Game Player: You are about to guide me through a great adventure. As you read this book, you will help me decide where to go and what to do. Whether I succeed or fail is up to you. At the end of every chapter, you will make choices that determine what happens next. Special puzzles will help you decide what I should do—if you can solve them. The chapters in this book are in a special order. Sometimes you must go backward in order to go forward, if you know what I mean. [...] Good Luck! Driplessly yours, Mario."

An entry into the openXile Craptastic Coding Competition 2009.

Read the readme.txt for more information.

Requires a DS (obviously) and a flash cart, such as an R4 or R6 Gold; or an emulator such as No$GBA (though you can't rotate the screen). Rumble feature requires a Rumble Pak. Motion feature requires a DS Motion cart or an R6 Gold, which has motion support built-in.

Download: Ver 20090824 - (1.5MB)

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7 Response to "Nintendo Adventure Books: Monster Mix-Up DS"

  1. Anonymous says:

    thanks baby doll and i'm Gonna have to give this a whirl.

    Adr990 says:

    Great job!

    Thanks a lot! :D

    I loved these books when I was a kid. I remember this one where all the baddies got mixed body parts. There was like a flying bob-bomb and things like that.

    Anonymous says:

    please repup, file on hyperfileshare is down

    Anonymous says:

    File on Hyperfileshare works. Try again.

    Anonymous says:

    all your download links are dead any re up to any other download site ?

    Anonymous says:

    All games are hosted for download at the Multiple:Option site here:

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