A Question of Promise: Digital Comic

A Question of Promise: Digital Comic is the DS adaption of the comic by Thuyen Nguyen; a light-hearted story of a guy, a girl, and a sentient pool-of-water. Eric finally decides to ask Eden out on a date. She's free that night, but he's already made plans with his housemate Dice. Can Eric have his cake and eat it too?

Read the readme.txt for more information.

Requires a DS (obviously) and a flash cart, such as a R4 or Neo MK5. The game will create a save file called "aqp_save.sav" on your flash cart. Works well in DeSmuME, except for saving.

Download: Ver 20080511 - question_ds.zip (9MB)

Original comic by Thuyen Nguyen
More issues in PDF format at Devinquest.com

Featured at: DS Fanboy, Byson, DCEmu.co.uk, GY.A.K, Nintendomax, DS-Scene, NDS Freakz, NDSBBS.Com


Gameplay video:

8 Response to "A Question of Promise: Digital Comic"

  1. gyak says:

    As much as I adore Comic Book DS, I think this is the real deal for these kind of comics (Andy Watson etc.).

    Some quick questions: Is there any chance to insert other comics into this template? Is this template available for the masses? For independent comickers maybe?


    Anonymous says:


    Unfortunately, the code was specific to this comic. That's not to say that you couldn't reuse the code for a different comic, but you'd have to re-write some of it to fit. It's not as accessible as Comic Book DS.

    Source code is available on request.

    gyak says:

    Thanks for the answer, so it's not as simple as I thought.

    I wish I could use the code but I fear I couldn't. I'll wait a bit more till someone makes a simple "put your webcomic into NDS format" thingy - that would be awesome (wink, wink).

    In the meantime I think I'll use Comic Book DS even if it's not as user friendly as it should be (and adore "A Question of Promise" of course :)

    Antuan says:

    Gyak said: It's not as accessible as Comic Book DS.
    I don't think so, yours is open source, so it's much more accessible :D Thanks a lot !!

    ghostjb says:

    he y, I think your work is great, but I havent been able to test it, those f***ing files stop downloading at 2,8mb so I am never able to download it is there somewhere else where you could upload them like rapidshare, I `d be really glad, have tried like a hundred times alredy by the way I am ghost_jb_1@hotmail.com

    Anonymous says:


    Go to the Nintendomax link listed above. The page is in French, but there's a download link at the bottom of the page (where is says "question_ds.zip").

    If that doesn't work, post another comment.

    Gametaku says:

    I forgot where I originally downloaded this comic, but I love it on my DS. The music is spot on, the story is funny and well written and the cartoon is in a style that I like. Will any more of the series be ported to the DS?

    Anonymous says:


    Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I'm not planning to make any more at this stage, but feel free to download the original comic in PDF format at www.devinquest.com

    - M:O

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