Sexy Blackjack Trainer featuring Sunny Leone/Sora Aoi

Sexy Blackjack Trainer featuring Sunny Leone/Sora Aoi is a card game that teaches blackjack basic strategy and card counting. Play blackjack, win points, and unlock sexy pictures!

Warning: This game has adult content and is not appropriate for minors.

This is an entry for the Neoflash Summer Coding Competition 2008.

Read the readme.txt for more information.

Requires a DS (obviously) and a flash cart, such as a R4 or Neo MK5. The game will create a save file called "sbt*_sav.sav" on your flash cart. Works well in emulators, except for saving.

Download Sunny Leone version: Ver 20080819 - (4MB)
Download Sora Aoi version: Ver 20080819 - (4MB)

This game is not approved or authorized by the featured models, Sunny Leone and Sora Aoi.

Featured at:, DS-Scene, Moonbooks, TehSkeen, PDRoms, DS Fanboy, WiiDNA, NDS Freakz, Wii Wii, Nintendomax, Videogaming247


7 Response to "Sexy Blackjack Trainer featuring Sunny Leone/Sora Aoi"

  1. Kojote says:

    Time to learn how to play Blackjack :D But I already know it ... :)

    Anyway... excellent release!

    Anonymous says:


    Thanks for playing!

    - M:O

    Kojote says:

    no, thanks for coding! ;)

    It is the 21 game! During the game, get the cards, but to not pass 21. Press Hold when are get near to 21. The player the get most closer to 21 wins, but how pass it loses immediately. After each win, press Y to cash your bank score.

    Do not forget to create the save file and load each time you open the homebrew!

    Thanks for Coding too!

    Anonymous says:

    that game is a joke. is it really so difficult to randomize the cards? 10´s all over the place in both versions. "learn how to play blackjack" - laughable

    Anonymous says:


    Clearly the game does shuffle (randomize) the cards - one just needs to look at the Deck Count screen to see this. However it must be noted that if you're playing the game in an emulator, the cards will be dealt in the same order (Desmume does this for example). This is an issue with the emulator and not the game itself (this does not happen on real hardware).

    So, accepting that the game does shuffle the cards, your perception that there are too many 10's is merely that - a perception. Of course, due to pure randomization, the situation could occur where every 10 was dealt one after another. That is pure chance. But what you also need to consider is that in a standard deck playing blackjack, 16 out of 52 cards are 10's - not 4, as face cards (jack, queen, king) are counted as '10' too. So you have a 30% of getting a 10, far more than any other individual card (eg. an ace is only 7%).

    While I appreciate you hating the game enough to post a comment, unfortunately your criticism is flawed.

    - M:O

    Anonymous says:

    I love porn star Sunny Leone

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