Gran Turismo 3 Autobacs Replay Theater (PS2)

A disc that contains a saved replay that can be transferred onto your memory card and watched in Gran Turismo 3's Replay Theater mode. I assume that the replay (or replays) highlight the Autobacs Toyota 2000 Apex MR-S GT car - "assume" that is, because my PS2 no longer reads CDs :(

UPDATE: It's not a saved replay after all - it's a rolling demo.

3 Response to "Gran Turismo 3 Autobacs Replay Theater (PS2)"

  1. alexbrasil says:

    this is a must for a collector like me ;) do you have another copy of it?

    alexbrasil says:

    Any other copy of this? I'm a big Gran Turismo collector, and I'm searching for this "replay theater disc"

    Anonymous says:


    I don't have another copy of this, sorry.

    - M:O

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