Halo 3 ODST

I returned to ODST to tackle some Achievements. I got the "Killing things that are new and different is good" Achievement (by killing ten Engineers - guys who I didn't even know about until I got 3/4 through campaign mode) and attempted to find all of the audio logs. Tip - If you're using a map like me, mark off the ones you find! I did the rounds and was missing two, so I went around again and still couldn't figure out which two I missed. Thank the Internet for YouTube tutorials. I've got one last audio log to find, which requires me to replay the last campaign level.

I do love me some Halo, but I think Bungie/Microsoft should have kept to the original "Halo Recon" title rather than "ODST". If anything, it sets a nice naming convention (Halo Reach being the next game.) Kinda like how many Nintendo DS games have a subtitle playing on the "D" and "S".

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