Fate/hollow ataraxia Prologue

Multiple:Option heads back into Fate territory with its third DS homebrew release: Fate/hollow ataraxia Prologue. The sequel to Fate/stay night, my version is a port/remake of the visual novel game's prologue, as translated by Blue Gunner.

Read the readme.txt for more information.

Requires a DS (obviously) and a flash cart, such as a R4. The game will create a save file called "fha_save.sav" on your flash cart. Works well in DeSmuME, except for saving.

Download: Ver 20080307 - fate2_ds.zip (6MB)

Original game by TYPE-MOON
Buy Fate/hollow ataraxia goods at Play-Asia

Featured at: DCEmu.co.uk, GBAtemp, DS-Scene, Akenaide yo~, Byson, EmuZone, NDStuff, Encubed, NDS Freakz, Insert Credit

UPDATE (2008/05/11): Added "3MB Version," which should provide better compatibility with some flash carts, such as the Neo MK5. If you couldn't get this game to work before, please try the 3MB version.

UPDATE (2008/11/08): Removed "3MB Version."


12 Response to "Fate/hollow ataraxia Prologue"

  1. RaiDesu says:

    This is pretty cool. Perhaps you and me could work together on a Homebrew? I was working on a DS Visual Novel Engine in DSLua recently.

    That's right, engine, for the OEL community.

    Anonymous says:

    If you're working on a visual novels, you might want to have a look at this: http://digital-haze.net/vnds.php

    RaiDesu says:

    I'm more so interested in being able to end with a *.nds file. Trying to work with devkitARM to little progress.

    Anonymous says:

    If you're interested in the source code, I'm happy to give it to you for you to learn(?) what I did. Not that I've done anything special though. Leave your email and I'll send it to you.

    Rai says:
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    Anonymous says:


    Have your email address, and will send you the code shortly. I've deleted your comment to protect your address from spam (hopefully).

    Anonymous says:
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    Ichi says:

    I'm impressed of your work. I'm working on a visual novel for school. I'm very interested in your source code, it would help me great in what you did to make it.

    Is it possibile that I can see it? (maybe including the text-sprites etc.)

    Thank you very much!



    Anonymous says:


    I have sent you the source code. If you're interested in a better visual novel app for DS, check out VNDS at http://digital-haze.net/vnds.php

    - M:O

    Felix Meier says:

    Hi, i'm from germany and i'm interested in the source code too.
    Especially the part to save the game data.
    Hope ya can send me the source code too :)


    Anonymous says:

    Felix Meier,

    You can get the source code from here: http://hyperfileshare.com/d/14dd1cd4

    Hope it helps you.

    - M:O

    Anonymous says:

    Great work, I rush through it in a single breath.

    It is just a sample or mb you continue your working on FHA?

    Then it will be fantastic!
    But I think you dont...

    Anyway, it a wonderful chance to touch a Hollow Ataraxia on english.

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