Snatcher Pilot DS

Multiple:Option's second DS homebrew release is Snatcher Pilot DS, an adventure game by Konami and an early game of Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid). This game is a demo (hence "Pilot") and is based upon the PC-Engine "Snatcher Pilot Disk," but uses the Sega CD version's assets.

Read the readme.txt for more information.

Requires a DS (obviously) and a flash cart, such as a R4. Mostly works with DS emulators, but there are a few issues.

Download: Ver 20080225 - (6MB)

Original game by Konami
Buy Snatcher at Play-Asia

Featured at:, Homebrew Welt, DS Fanboy, DS-Scene, PDRoms, Retro G-NDS, Sniper Notícias, Byson, Insert Credit, NDS Freaks,, GayGamer,

UPDATE (2008/05/11): Added "3MB Version," which should provide better compatibility with some flash carts, such as the Neo MK5. If you couldn't get this game to work before, please try the 3MB version.

UPDATE (2008/11/08): Removed "3MB Version."


14 Response to "Snatcher Pilot DS"

  1. Echtzeit says:

    Hey there,

    very nice work! Do you plan on working on this some more or this this your final version?

    Anonymous says:

    This is the final version (i.e. it is a demo only). I have no plans to do the rest of the game.

    IhateDesign says:

    amazing!!! i hope see the final versin of this game, congratulations!!!

    Sander says:

    Awww. Are you sure you don't want to finish this? ;p
    I had never heard of the game Snatcher before, and after reading about this DS demo, I watched a "review" on Snatcher to see what it's all about. That review got me really interested in it, and your demo version for the DS is pretty damn good.
    I was going to suggest making some minor improvements such as advancing with stylus presses and picking an option with the stylus, and even helping out with code wherever needed. The Bladerunner feel got to me. xD
    If you ever change your mind about continuing this project, please let me know.
    Anyway, you did a great job on it.

    Anonymous says:


    Thanks for your offer, but yeah, I'm not doing any more. This was just a learning project, and besides, I suspect that I'd probably hear from Konami's lawyers if I went any further :)

    About the stylus, I made a conscious design decision to only use it once during the game. As you've played it, you'll know where and when, and I suspect you can guess why.

    Anonymous says:

    great work, i really enjoyed it and now want to play the full game.

    it's written up here:

    Anonymous says:

    Great work, its a shame that you're not going to finish it, but I agree with you about Konami making you stop.


    Anonymous says:

    I've tried the 3 versions in the archive on 2 different cards (SC and DSTT) and none works. :(

    Is there any tool that can make a 'vanilla' version that can run on cards with automatic dldi patching?

    Anonymous says:

    The game doesn't use DLDI at all (it doesn't save), so it wouldn't matter if your flash cart had auto-DLDI patching or otherwise. Sorry about that.

    You can try using the DeSmuME emulator if you're still interested in checking it out.

    Anonymous says:

    please release the source so someone else can continue with it.

    Anonymous says:

    Source code available here:

    I'm not apologizing for the fact that the code is absolutely terrible. I used Snatcher as a learning exercise, and the code did what I wanted to do. But feel free to use it if you want. It won't compile as there are missing assets.

    - M:O

    jamesb2147 says:

    any chance you could tell me how you got those assets? i'd like to be able to pull some from another SCD game and everything's in .bin (presumably binary?) format inside the CD and it would be soooo much easier if i could just rip them straight out instead of having to screencap everything :(

    anyway thx for the release and especially source :D

    Anonymous says:


    Sorry dude, I did it the hard way - played the game and took screenshots as I went along. The audio was ripped directly from the SCD version though - the program's here:

    - M:O

    Grasshopper says:


    Can't wait for the full version (",)

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